Representative Cases
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Complex Real Estate Dispute Resolved.

Our client purchased a parcel of real estate in Teton County, Wyoming, for a price in excess of $3 million with interest-free financing from the developer. The developer later sought to charge our client an interest penalty of more than $500,000 when a dispute arose concerning the deadline for payoff of the loan. We helped our client negotiate a new deal with the developer, and our client avoided having to pay the extraordinary penalty.

Recovery In Bank Fraud Case.

A business customer of our client, a bank, devised a scheme and defrauded the bank of more than $600,000. In an ongoing relationship, the bank "purchased" the accounts receivable of the business and then collected those accounts for a charge. The customer submitted false accounts and false charges for payment before the fraud was discovered. We helped the bank obtain an immediate injunction to remove the owner from the business and stop the bleeding. We then successfully pursued a case to recover the stolen funds. The business owner was sent to federal prison and ordered to pay the money back to our client.

Enforcement Of Non-Compete Covenant.

We represented a worldwide distributor of machinery and heavy equipment. Our client purchased a Wyoming company which manufactured, sold and serviced compressor units used to gather coal-bed methane gas in the Powder River Basin. The purchase price was in excess of seven figures and included specific payment for a non-compete agreement from the seller. We then learned the seller secretly was making deals and doing business in direct violation of the non-compete. We filed suit in Federal District Court to stop the illegal competition and to recover the money wrongfully earned. The District Court ruled in our client's favor and ordered repayment of the funds.

Road Easement Dispute Resolved.

Years before, our client acquired an easement across a neighbor's property for access to his ranch. The easement was intended to follow an existing irrigation canal road. New owners of the neighboring property learned the legal description for the easement was incorrect; the easement as described veered off the roadway and further onto the neighbor's property. The new neighbor sued to keep our client from using the access road. We argued to the District Court that the incorrect legal description was a mistake the District Court should fix since an easement along the roadway is what was originally intended. The District Court agreed with our argument and established legal access for our client once and for all.

Medical Negligence Following Below-The-Knee Amputation.

Our client, a lovely single woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis, developed staph infection following surgery to repair a broken bone in her foot. Her orthopedic surgeon did not treat the infection properly and it spread from her foot up her leg. When the out-of-control infection threatened our client's life, new doctors decided it was necessary to amputate her leg. We pursued her case to a substantial recovery. This allowed her to move into a new home designed for her disability and to receive excellent rehabilitative care.

Catastrophic Injuries To Pedestrian Run Over In Crosswalk.

An elderly woman drove into an intersection without slowing even though she claimed to have been blinded by sun in her eyes. Tragically, she hit, ran over and then dragged my client, a woman in her mid-50's. Our client suffered multiple, severe, catastrophic injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. We filed suit and helped our client achieve a substantial settlement. She was able to use the money to undergo intensive inpatient therapy at a top-rated brain injury hospital.

Professional Accused Of Harassment.

Our client, a physician, was was the subject of a work-related claim of harassment. His employer undertook a full investigation. The case involved issues affecting his license to practice, his hospital privileges and his employment contract. We assisted our client every step of the way, helping to exonerate him from the claims and to negotiate a good resolution for moving forward.

Family Trust Dispute Resolved.

We represented a woman whose brother passed away, leaving his estate in trust to our client and another brother. The complex estate included a number of businesses with millions in assets, but also a number of very troubling, seven-figures liabilities. The case involved difficult high emotions. We helped our client wind through all of the entanglements and to reach a solid settlement and fresh path forward.